FirstBlock Launches as a Full-Service Web3 and Blockchain Consultancy

March 1, 2023

5 min

FirstBlock, our consultancy firm based in Sweden, has officially been launched with the mission to create value using blockchain technology. Our company is led by three co-founders who share a passion for Web3 and have counted together 20 years of experience in the industry. The founders have brought together the brightest minds in the industry in blockchain development, legal, marketing, and community management to provide a full range of services to clients in the Web3 space.

Our core team includes Richard Larsson as the CEO & Co-Founder, a Web3 entrepreneur with several DeFi, P2E and NFT projects under his belt and a lengthy background as a developer and cyber security specialist from the armed forces and security industry. He has a unique skill set to navigate complex challenges and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Fati Hakim, our CSO & Co-Founder, is a blockchain strategist and entrepreneur with eight years of blockchain advisory, consultancy and leadership experience. She has held various board member and C-level positions in numerous projects and industries. Her expertise in blockchain technology and strategic vision have shaped the company’s direction and driven success.

Elvin Sababi, CLO & Co-Founder, one of Europe's leading Web3 lawyers, specializes in the MiCA regulation and NFTs and is an avid speaker at Web3 events discussing legal challenges and the regulatory framework in the Web3 space. His legal expertise and Web3 knowledge are invaluable when ensuring compliance with regulations and shaping strategies.

We offer clients a full range of consultancy services in the Web3 space. Our services include blockchain strategy, software development, Web3 legal advice, marketing, community, and PR. With our team of experts, we can provide comprehensive solutions to help clients develop successful Web3 projects and navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape.

Our Blockchain Strategy service is designed to help clients develop a comprehensive strategy, concept, and project roadmap to ensure their brand is ready for a successful launch and can grow organically in the Web3 space. 

Our Software Development team consists of experts with a proven track record of successfully deploying projects on multiple blockchains and can help clients build a blockchain product from scratch or transition an existing project into Web3.

Our Web3 Legal service is led by one of Europe's top Web3 lawyers. Our legal team can provide high-tier legal advice about any regulatory, licensing, and compliance questions that may arise during your Web3 journey. 

Finally, our Marketing, Community and PR service will help clients establish their brand and build a strong following in the rapidly growing world of Web3.

In summary, we are a full-service consultancy firm that can provide client expertise in every project stage. If you're looking to launch a blockchain project or need help with an existing one, FirstBlock can be your trusted partner in Web3.

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