Magnus Hansson, PhD, Joins FirstBlock Labs as a Mentor, Expert in DeFi, Data Science and Economic Modelling

September 19, 2023

2 min

Magnus Hansson FirstBlock Labs mentor

We are excited to announce that Magnus Hansson has joined FirstBlock Labs as a mentor, bolstering our dedication to data science and decentralized finance (DeFi). With his comprehensive expertise in data science, quantitative methods, and economic modelling, Magnus adds a layer of analytical rigour to FirstBlock Labs and the projects that form part of it.

Magnus is an Assistant Professor at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. His academic journey, marked by a PhD that delved into the market microstructure of decentralized exchanges, has provided him with a scholarly depth of the rapidly evolving field of DeFi. Before venturing into academia, Magnus gained industry experience working on artificial neural networks within the broader domain of data science. He seamlessly combines this practical knowledge with his current role as a DeFi researcher, making him a unique and invaluable asset to FirstBlock Labs and its mentees.

Throughout Magnus’ career, a common thread has been his focus on data-driven decision-making. Rather than relying on intuition, he champions the necessity of grounded, analytical choices, especially in today’s complex business landscape. His perspective is that early consultation with an expert in data science can be pivotal, helping to identify key performance indicators, cautioning against potential pitfalls, and exposing any lurking financial or operational risks. This approach equips projects with invaluable direction and can prevent significant setbacks that may require a complete rethinking of business models or data frameworks.

In his role at FirstBlock Labs, Magnus will act as a critical guide, helping projects realize their full potential through solid data analytics and economic modelling. His participation signifies a significant stride forward for FirstBlock Labs, as we aim to offer project teams and partners actionable, data-driven insights. These insights cut through the noise, providing durable and progressive solutions and setting the stage for the future of both DeFi and data science.

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