Pehr Granfalk takes place in FirstBlock's Advisory Board

September 5, 2023

2 min

Pehr Granfalk FirstBlock

We are delighted to welcome Pehr Granfalk as a valuable member of FirstBlock's Advisory Board, where he leverages his invaluable experience to provide crucial support and guidance for FirstBlock. 

With an impressive track record as the former Mayor of Solna and current roles in the European Committee of Regions and Advisory Council of Blockchain for Europe, Pehr Granfalk plays an instrumental role in shaping FirstBlock's growth and success.

During Pehr Granfalk’s tenure as the Mayor of Solna from 2012 to 2022, he transformed the city into one of Sweden's fastest-growing areas, attracting investments of approximately 100 billion in urban development and setting new standards for progress and innovation.

As an advocate for advancing blockchain technology, Pehr Granfalk actively participates in the Advisory Council of Blockchain for Europe. This involvement grants him unique insights into the evolving regulatory landscape and the challenges faced by the blockchain sector.

In his role on FirstBlock's Advisory Board, Pehr Granfalk is committed to strengthening the company. By leveraging his extensive background and network, he aims to position FirstBlock as a leader in the blockchain industry. His strategic guidance, derived from his experiences as the former Mayor of Solna and position in the Advisory Council of Blockchain for Europe, proves invaluable and allows FirstBlock better to navigate the complex landscape of blockchain regulation and innovation.

“I am happy to help FirstBlock with my background and network and contribute to the company’s development”. 

With Pehr Granfalk's strategic guidance and contributions, FirstBlock is poised to make significant strides in the blockchain space while creating new opportunities and possibilities for FirstBlock to provide top-tier services to its partner and clients.

For more information about Pehr Granfalk, please visit his LinkedIn:

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